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The magnetic long cast system, with a sliding iron core, makes far and precise casting super easy. Built in tubular rattle chamber, that sends out a very characteristic sound. On steady retrieve, the lure wobbles and kicks super provoking and runs straight even in stronger current. The lure mimics perfectly a small prey fish and the incredible photo print details make the predator fish strike hard and with no hesitation. The lures suspend on longer spin stops and are often hit hard on the Pause. Great lure for Perch, Pike, trout, Asp, Bass and salmon.


• Super Details
• Darting and kicking action
• Suspends with Horizontal balance
• Magnetic Long cast system
• Built in rattle
• SGY 1X BN trebles 6.7cm #8, 8.3cm #6 9.5cm #4
• Forged strong split rings
• Easy change strong Stainless steel egg snap
• Runs: 6.7cm 0,5-1m – 8.3cm 0,6-1,3m – 9.5cm 0,7-1,5m
• Tank tested


Perch, Dirty Roach, Ayu Chrome


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