LTS Orkla Flugrullar 8/10

3999 kr



Our new reel fresh from development! A perfect, large coil design with plenty of space for the backing, running line and shooting head.
The reel is milled from high-quality aluminum and comes with a waterproof, very sensitive teflon / carbon brake. A brake that can be adjusted as soft as silk, perfect (and that’s what it should be) for fine as well as big flyfishing.

The reel is designed as a complete frame construction, which prevents the weft line from getting caught.

  • Carbon fiber braking system
  • Quiet clicker
  • Durable materials made from aircraft aluminum
  • Reduced weight
  • Including reel bag
  • Available in black with red accents.
  • Sizes: 5/6, 6/9, 8/10, 9/12


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