LTS NITRO 2-handsspön

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LTS NITRO is designed to be able to develop as much line speed as possible, even with shorter movements closer to the body.

Here it is nice to have a definite and distinct peak in the projection.

The NITRO series has a consistently deep action, but the fast graphite and the lighter top lead to short strokes and a feeling that the rod works fast, even though it is deep at the same time.

In order for the NITRO series to appear as light and ”crispy” as possible, we have chosen to remove all unnecessary paint. Lightweight reel attachment, rod rings, graphite and minimal varnish give the rods a feather-light feeling at the same time as it has enormous power resources.


12,6`#8/9, 13,6`#9/10, 14,6`#7/8/9, 15`#10/11


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