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The goal has been to develop a rod series with as low a weight as possible, but which at the same time should have large power resources. The idea of ​​being able to throw very far with little power, has been central and a common thread, throughout the work of developing the new series, Complete Graphene.

Complete Graphene is a bit reminiscent of our Nitro series, but the rods are a little deeper and have a slightly tighter top. By using the completely new material graphene, it has become possible to develop rods with a tight and strong top, without us having to add extra mass and weight to the top part.

Deep and flat action, short stroke length, tight top part and ultra-light dead weight, are key words that can well describe the properties of Complete Graphene.



These properties have been made possible by the use of 46 tonnes of carbon + IM8 carbon with Graphene resin. The surface of the rods is made with a super-thin lacquer layer, stripper guide, REC Cerecoil double foot and snake guides, REC Ultra Light and together with a custom and very light spool attachment, this helps to make Complete Graphene a very special rod series, with completely special properties.

The feeling that you almost do not hold on to ”anything”, that you can throw feather lightly and far, even with small and short movements, but at the same time have a rod that never gives up and where you can really put on all the power you could want , for the really long throws in all conditions, are experiences the new rod series will give you.

The rods are developed and tested using many different lines. An important point has been that each rod should fit exactly to the stated line class on the rod and that when using Syrstad Complete SCS and SCSS line series, among other things, it should be experienced as a ”wow”, you world so well this fit together.

9`#5, 9`#6


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