Scierra Futuro 2-Hand 15′ #10/11


Scierra Futuro 2-Hand 15′ #10/11

1999 kr

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No need to look into the future. It’s already here. No reinvention of the original concept, no hidden mainspring, just a keen vision of optimizing carbon quality with smoothness of action to end up with rods that are as finely tuned to human physiology as possible. Not as deep as the Surge rods, but deep none the less and with the limited stroke length that combines inherent depth with necessary firmness, through unbroken bending curves. The Futuro rods are designed for the Salmon- and Sea Trout rivers of northern Europe.

This superb series features 5 double handed rods and 1 switch rod.

  • Deep actions, short stroke lengths, tough tips and infinitely smooth bending curves
  • The best Portuguese cork available
  • Custom Build ALPS aluminum reel seat
  • Pacific Bay lightweight stripping and snake guides
  • Supplied in cloth bag and quality tube with screw in fittings, and carry handle


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