Scierra Brook 10`#4

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Narrow rivers will often hide unexpectedly big fish, but they aren’t always compatible with rods of normal length. Shorter rods are easier to handle, especially when these brooks are accompanied by irritating trees and bushes, always eager to capture your flies. We decided to design special rods for rivers like this and were so pleased with the outcome that we added a few longer alternatives to complete the Brook series. Rods designed to handle short lines when casting, but also to fight the huge fish that sometimes hide in these narrow, but deep, brooks. Seven wonders that will cover all kinds of fly fishing for browns, graylings and chars in the smaller rivers of this world.

  • Relatively deep actions, short stroke lengths and wonderfully smooth bending curves
  • Build on 40T Japanese carbon material
  • High quality Portuguese cork
  • Real peacock wooden reel seat
  • Quality light weight stripping and snake guides
  • Supplied in cloth bag and quality tube with screw in fittings, and carry handle


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